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April 2023 Board Update

Apr 27, 2023

Fiber Expansion Project Complete

City Utilities has completed the Fiber Expansion Project designed to provide a secondary fiber optic network throughout the utilities service territory. Over 1,000 miles of underground and overhead fiber makes up the secondary fiber network providing internet service providers a path to reach potentially 115,000 customers with high-speed internet service options.

Other communication system providers continue working on installation in the Springfield area but all underground and aerial work on City Utilities secondary fiber network has been completed.

SpringNet, the broadband business unit of City Utilities, provides and maintains this fiber network but does not provide residential internet services.


Lake Springfield Plan – May 4, Public Meeting

The Lake Springfield Area Plan team will hold a public meeting at the Lake Springfield Boathouse, the afternoon of Thursday, May 4. Led by CMT Consultants, and representatives from the City of Springfield, the public meeting will provide updates on the various concepts and concerns that have been discussed. Prior to the 4:30 meeting, tours of James River Power Station will be available and led by CU staff. For more information, or to register for a tour, visit


Even/Odd Watering and Irrigation System Checking

Using the recommended Even/Odd Watering system for lawn irrigation is not only healthy for your lawn, its good news for your budget, and our water supply. When setting up your irrigation system this spring, set the timer to run based on this method:

  • If your house number is even, water on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.
  • If your house number is odd, water on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.
  • No watering on Monday.

Additional information on Even/Odd Watering and other water conservation tips is available on our website.

Customers with lawn irrigation systems are reminded that backflow test documentation is required by June 1. Contact your lawn irrigation system service provider for details on this State requirement providing protection to drinking water systems from contamination.