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Cool off with Summer Savings

Jul 10, 2023

Summer’s here, and with it comes high temperatures! As the temperature rises, take the heat off your utility bill this summer by following these energy-saving tips:

  1. Dial Up Your Thermostat. Increasing the temperature by 5 to 8 degrees while you are away can add up to big savings. The suggested temperature for summer months is 78 degrees. A smart thermostat can automatically adjust the temperature for you and can be controlled from anywhere. City Utilities offers a rebate for the purchase and install of an Energy Star labeled smart thermostat. Click here to learn more.
  2. Seal out the Cracks. Keeping warm air out is vital to staying cool on a hot summer day. Check the edges of your windows for any cracks and apply weather stripping or caulk to seal them up.
  3. Block the Sun. Close your curtains or shades during the day to prevent warming.
  4. Keep it Clean. Check your outdoor HVAC unit and make sure the area around the condenser is clean. Also, check to see if it is due for an in-depth cleaning. Contact a HVAC service professional to inspect and clean the unit.
  5. Check the Vents. Make sure your indoor vents are free from items like curtains and furniture which block airflow. Also, vacuum vents to remove dust and debris.
  6. Time Your Appliance Usage. If possible, avoid using major appliances during the hottest hours of the day. Your dryer and oven bring additional warm air into your home, making the air conditioner work harder.
  7. Are Your Filters Clean? One of the cheapest and easiest ways to help your air conditioner run efficiently is to replace the air filters every three months.

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