CU Curious?

A weekly video series where you learn more about your non-profit utility. Are you CUrious?

Even/Odd Watering Method

Water is a precious resource and we’re CUrious about how one simple change can help conserve it for the future.

From Buses to Boats

Our mechanics take care of everything on our fleet from buses to boats!

Protecting Our National Treasure

We love our feathered friends at the James River Power Station. Find out more about how we’re protecting a national treasure – the bald eagle.

Planned Outages at JTEC

We’re enhancing our reliability with planned outages at our generation units.

What is a Clearwell?

We’re CUrious about what a 10-million gallon water tank looks like and how it helps us serve you!

Restoring Power // Season 3, Episode 4

When the power goes out, we want it to come back on ASAP! This CUrious video shows us what goes into the process of restoring power and that sometimes, it takes time to find the cause of the outage.

Natural Gas Fires // Season 3, Episode 3

Ever wonder what our Natural Gas Utility workers do to prepare in the event of a fire? Take a look to see how they are trained to protect.

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