Man Overboard Safety Training

At least once a week our laboratory employees are out on a boat weekly to take samples. We’re CUrious about their man overboard safety training.

Cut The Peaks & Valleys From Your Bill

You can pay the same amount every month with CU’s Level Pay. The Ozarks’ weather can be unpredictable, but your City Utilities’ bill does not have to be. With Level Pay, you can cut the peaks and valleys from...

6 Things That Could Be Costing You Money

Do you know all the places in your home that may be costing you money on your electric bill? We want to help you find ways to save on your electric bill. Is there a lamp or TV near your thermostat? The thermostat senses heat from...

How To Protect Nature While Enjoying Summer

School may be just around the corner but there are still plenty of beautiful days left to enjoy summertime in the Ozarks! While you’re enjoying the warm weather, help us protect our lakes and rivers with these tips. Don’t waste...

Connecting To Our Community

We all live and work in Springfield so we love giving back to the community. We’ve had a busy summer so far connecting to our community as your community-owned utility. Every year, our employees select a nonprofit to support and...

Pipe Bursting Technique

We’re CUrious about how the pipe bursting technique minimizes the impact on you as we renew water lines!

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