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   Simple Ways to Save
EnergyWise - Smart Solutions from CU We Can Make a Difference
Making wise energy decisions is something we all want to do. Maybe it is a choice we think is small, like using more efficient light bulbs. Or the choice could be much larger, like evaluating the many ways we use energy throughout our entire home or business.

Whether small or large, smart energy choices we make today mean benefits for all of us tomorrow.

Conservation is for everyone.
We all know energy and water conservation are keys to a better and brighter future. Learning more about how to reduce your energy and water usage gives you the power to conserve for our community, and save money on your utility bills. Here are a variety of energy and water conservation tips to help you save your energy and water costs; and, you can start following them today.

  • Save Your Energy
    Find out how to make your heating and cooling systems more efficient.
  • Save Your Water
    Water is precious - See what you can do to save this natural resource.
  • Save Your Money
    By making your home or business operate as efficiently as possible, you should see a savings in your pocketbook.

Energy Management Questions?  Ask our experts. Energy Management Questions?  Ask our experts.