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September 2021 Board Update

  September 2021 Board Update Natural Gas Market Pricing Continues to Increase As winter heating season quickly approaches, City Utilities continues to closely monitor market pricing for natural gas. Current pricing is at a...

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JRPS Neighborhood – Letter

  JRPS Neighborhood – Letter To Our Neighbors: In the 1950’s, City Utilities designed and constructed James River Power Station to generate and supply power to the growing Springfield community. The facility eventually...

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August 2021 Board Update

  August 2021 Board Update Board Approves 2022 Operating Budget The Board of Public Utilities has approved the Fiscal Year 2022 Operating Budget for all areas of the utility. The 2022 Operating Budget will be formally...

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July 2021 Board Update

  July 2021 Board Update Conserve and Save During Period of Extreme HeatExtreme heat is not only uncomfortable, but it can also impact utility bills. City Utilities reminds customers of several ways to help reduce the impact...

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