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Natural Gas

Natural gas is very important in our everyday lives. It is a safe, convenient form of energy we use daily to help make living and working easy and safe. But it is important that you know the basic tips to keep you safe around Natural Gas.

Natural Gas Issue?

Do you smell natural gas? Call (417) 863-9000 and follow the voice prompts.

Natural Gas & Water Projects

Do you have flags in your yard and want to know what may be coming?  See what projects are coming soon.

Excess Flow Valve (EFV)

Federal natural gas safety regulations require the installation of an Excess Flow Valve (EFV) on all new natural gas service lines to residential and small commercial customers.  The regulations also allow certain existing residential and small commercial customers to request the installation of an EFV on their natural gas service lines.

An EFV is a safety device designed to significantly reduce the flow of natural gas in a service line that has been broken between the gas main and gas meter.  The decreased flow of natural gas reduces the risk of personal injury and property damage that could occur if the escaping gas ignites.  However, an EFV is not designed to protect against minor gas leaks on the service line or gas meter, or any leak on customer piping inside a home or business.

The illustration below shows some typical causes of broken service lines, including excavation damage.  Remember – the best prevention against damaging your service line is to have all belowground utility lines marked before digging.  This free service is available by calling Missouri One Call at 1-800-DIG-RITE or 811.

Excess Flow Valve diagram

Residential and small commercial customers whose total appliance load is no greater than 1,000 cubic feet per hour (approximately 1,000,000 BTU per hour) may request City Utilities to install an EFV in their service line if one does not already exist.  Other technical requirements must also be evaluated to determine whether an EFV will properly function on any given service line.

Because the service line must be excavated to install an EFV, you will be charged $800.00 to cover the cost of installation should you request one.  City Utilities will be responsible for EFV maintenance costs after installation.

If you are interested in considering an EFV installation in the service to your home or business or would like more information, please contact City Utilities’ Developer Services Department at 417-831-8888.  A City Utilities representative will research the technical requirements of the EFV for your service line, answer any questions you may have regarding EFVs, and can work with you to establish a mutually agreeable date for installation.