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Integrated Vegetation Management (IVM)

Managing vegetation is an important part of providing reliable electricity. An integrated vegetation management approach manages compatible and incompatible plants using various methods selected for their effectiveness, environmental impact, site characteristics, safety and economics.

In many instances, vegetation is mechanically removed to provide adequate clearance for our utility lines. Utility tree crews may need to prune or remove trees and brush with chainsaws, hand saws or using a utility mower. Mowing may be an efficient way to remove large areas of brush, however mowing only temporarily cuts back woody and invasive plants. Repeated mowing creates thicker regrowth of undesirable species.

The Integrated Vegetation Management program is evolving in a manner that will benefit customers, enhance reliability and permit native plants to regenerate. Native plants support bees, butterflies and other pollinators, as well as other wildlife.

Where it is feasible, we are adding an herbicide component to our program to control woody and invasive growth for continued reliability and safety. By preventing regrowth with herbicides, native plants have a chance to compete for resources.

Responsible herbicide uses on right of ways encourages wildlife and pollinators, reduces mechanical mowing, emissions and repeat costs.

It is a win-win solution to meet our reliability goals and be environmentally responsible.