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Smart Landscaping

Can I plant near electric lines and underground transformers?

Consider the mature height and spread of trees before planting near electric lines and
facilities. Trees that will be 25 feet or taller at maturity should be planted at least 25 feet from
overhead facilities.

When planting around underground equipment, plants must be at least 10 feet away from the
front and 3 feet from the sides.

Right Tree, Right Place, Realized Benefits, Reduced Maintenance
Customers can help keep their utility rates low by not planting trees under equipment or allowing trees, brush or vines to grow under and on the power lines.

Tree planting guide

Always consider the mature height and width of a tree before planting to maintain 10 feet of clearance from the electric lines.

How can planting trees reduce heating and cooling costs?

Plant deciduous trees (trees that lose their leaves) to shade the south and west. This will result in shade from the hot mid-day and late afternoon sun. In addition, these trees drop their leaves and offer no obstruction to winter sunshine which will help warm your home in the winter.

Select a tree with dense foliage for maximum shading.

Plant evergreens (trees that do not lose their leaves) to the north of your home to protect it from cold northern winds of winter. Select low branching trees that protect close to the ground.

Plant for efficiency

Tree Line USA

CU has been a Tree Line USA utility since 1994. The Arbor Day Foundation™ Tree Line USA program promotes the dual goals of dependable utility service and abundant, healthy trees in America’s communities.