A valuable resource to our community, conserving and preserving our drinking water happens through the efforts of City Utilities and of our customers.  Water conservation tips, rebate programs, and guidelines safeguard our ability to continue to provide you quality drinking water you expect.

Boil Water Notices

Learn what to do if you are under a boil water advisory or boil water order.

Even/Odd Watering

Water your lawns on designated days to help conserve water and save you money.

Emergency Water Conservation Plan

If emergency conditions affect our water supply, the community will be asked to conserve this valuable resource.

Water & Natural Gas Projects

Do you have flags in your yard and want to know what may be coming? See scheduled natural gas and water main renewals projects that are coming soon.

Current Lake Statistics

Current Lake Levels
Total Storage  99.9 %
Average Storage 84 %
McDaniel Lake +.13 feet
Fellows Lake -.04 feet
Updated: 1/29/2016 8:55 AM


Water Quality and Safety

  • Backflow Prevention – take the necessary steps to correctly connect your irrigation system to the water distribution network.
  • Water Quality Report – an annual report on the quality of our drinking water.


Water Tips and Tools