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Retiring the James River Power Station

After over 60 years of service, the James River Power Station (JRPS) is officially being retired. The decision to retire JRPS was based on escalating costs for compliance upgrades, aging infrastructure, and the availability of reliable renewable resources.

To decommission the power station, steps will be taken to dismantle or demolish parts of the plant. This work will include some exterior components, the lakeside water intake structure, and removal of the four stacks.


About the Demolition

The demolition process will be handled under strict safety and environmental compliance rules. The process will begin mid-September and is expected to conclude in early 2022. Usable areas of the facility, such as the building office space, electrical substation equipment, and two natural gas combustion turbines will remain. 

Demolition Timeline

Note: The demolition timeline is subject to change and any target dates are approximate.

September - November

Transformer removal

JRPS - Transformer Removal
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JRPS - Transformer Removal
Approximate location of transformers

October - December

Remove exterior components

JRPS - Remove exterior components
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JRPS - Remove exterior components
Approximate location of Units 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 components

October - January

Remove coal handling equipment

JRPS - Remove coal handling equipment
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JRPS - Dismantle & remove coal handling equipment
Approximate location of coal handling equipment

December 21*

Implode Stacks *Date subject to change

JRPS - Implode Stacks
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JRPS - Fell Stacks
Approximate location of stacks


Remove North & South lake intakes

JRPS - Remove North & South lake intakes
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JRPS - Remove lake intakes
Approximate location of North & South lake intakes

January - February

Remove cooling towers

JRPS - Remove cooling towers
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JRPS - Dismantle & remove cooling towers
Approximate location of cooling towers

Progress Updates

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