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Report Power Outage Online

Report your power outage online using Manage My Account. If you don’t already have a login, you will need to register before reporting your outage online.

Report Power Outage by Phone

To report your outage by phone, you will need to know the phone number you have associated with your CU account. This number is displayed on your CU bill.

Street Light Outage

Report a street light that’s out or malfunctioning.

Gas or Water Issue?

Do you smell natural gas or have a water issue? Call (417) 863-9000 and follow the voice prompts.

Report a Wire Down

Is there a wire down nearby, but no outage? Don’t know if it is power, telephone, or cable line? STAY CLEAR and call (417) 863-9000 and follow the voice prompts.

WARNING: Always stay far away from downed power lines and assume that all power lines are energized and dangerous.
For life-threatening medical emergencies due to an outage, call 911.