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Private Outdoor Lighting

You can enjoy the convenience and safety of security lighting in your own backyard or at your business, and let City Utilities handle the maintenance. A flat monthly rate covers energy usage and includes the automatically-controlled lamp and fixture. The lights are installed on an existing utility pole and aren’t attached to homes or businesses. City Utilities offers a variety of outdoor lighting choices to meet residential, commercial and industrial needs.


  • Convenience – Enjoy extended outdoor hours. Photo, electrically-controlled lights automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn.
  • Safety – Accidents do happen, but you can reduce the risk by having well-lighted sidewalks, driveways, foot paths, and grounds.
  • Security – Lighting dark areas discourages suspicious or criminal activity and brings you peace of mind.



A low monthly rate includes automatic dusk-to-dawn lighting and maintenance. There is an installation fee associated with this service, based on the type of lighting. For an average residential installation, this fee will be approximately $165.00. If a pole or transformer must be added where no existing pole is located in the area the light is needed, an additional cost will be charged for these materials. The monthly fee for the Private Outdoor Lighting Service is added to your electric bill.