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Utility Theft

City Utilities works hard to deliver safe, reliable utility services to you. When someone tampers with utilities, or commits service thefts to avoid payments, they put themselves and others in danger.


Tampering with Utilities is Dangerous

Utility theft – the stealing of electricity, natural gas or water – is dangerous. 

Only trained CU professionals are authorized to work with electricity, natural gas and water services. If you tamper, there’s a chance you could cause an explosion, start a fire or be electrocuted. Don’t put yourself or others at risk.

Remember, all usage must be metered, including water taken from fire hydrants. Unauthorized use or theft costs more for everyone in the community with additional repair, investigation, and administrative costs.


Tampering is Against the Law

  • Any type of utility theft is a crime!
  • Report any suspicious activity to CU at (417) 863-9000 or to the police. All calls are confidential.