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ENERGY STAR Smart® Thermostat Rebate

City Utilities electric and/or natural gas customers may qualify for a $75 rebate after the purchase and installation of an ENERGY STAR labeled smart thermostat.

Benefits:  $75 rebate
Who’s Eligible:  CU residential or commercial customers with electric or natural gas services

About the Program

City Utilities electric and/or natural gas customers may qualify for a $75 rebate after the purchase and installation of an ENERGY STAR labeled smart thermostat. ENERGY STAR products have been certified to help deliver energy savings and can accomplish that by reducing your energy bills. Smart thermostats allow you to adjust and control temperatures that fit your comfort and lifestyle. Using the thermostat’s Wi-Fi connection, you can control your smart thermostat while you are away. Certain restrictions apply; see guidelines on rebate form.

ENERGY STAR® Labeled Thermostats

Visit the ENERGY STAR product website to see which smart thermostats qualify for the rebate.

Residential Rebates

Smart Thermostat FAQs

What is a smart thermostat?

A smart thermostat is a Wi-Fi enabled device that automatically adjusts heating and cooling temperature settings for optimal performance.

What are the features of a smart thermostat compared to a programmable thermostat?

Smart thermostats provide features such as: learning the temperature you like and establishing a schedule that automatically adjusts to energy-saving temperatures when you are asleep or away, provide home energy data you can track and manage, and allow you to control home heating and cooling settings remotely through your smartphone.

Is the thermostat easy to install?

Do-it-yourself installation timing will vary by customer, but on the average, takes less than an hour. Manufacturers recommend reaching out to qualified contractors for help with installation.

How do I know if a smart thermostat is right for me?

Smart thermostats offer the most energy savings in homes that remain unoccupied for more than several consecutive hours at a time and air temperature adjustments are in effect during the unoccupied times.

How do I know if my heating and cooling system is compatible with a smart thermostat?

Installation and system compatibility vary by brand and model of smart thermostat. Visit the manufacturers’ website of the smart thermostat to learn which models are compatible with your heating and cooling system. Your heating and cooling contractor can also advise you.

How much energy can I save with a smart thermostat?

Energy savings can be as high as 15% on cooling costs and 10% on heating costs with a properly installed smart thermostat.

Registered Contractors

Many qualified contractors are able to perform efficiency upgrades. Choose one from the list of contractors registered with City Utilities, or select one of your own to perform the work.


Prefer to Mail Your Rebate Form?

Applying online is easiest and fastest, but you can download and print the rebate form and submit via mail.

 Recycle Alert! Please Dispose of Your Old Thermostat Properly.

If you are replacing a conventional thermostat that has a mercury switch, be careful not to break the tube that holds this substance.  As a Springfield/Greene County resident, you may use the services of the City of Springfield’s Household Chemical Collection Center free of charge.  Please call 864-2000 to schedule an appointment.  This is for residential customers only–no businesses, please.

For more information on recycling:


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