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JRPS Neighborhood – Letter

Sep 16, 2021

To Our Neighbors:

In the 1950’s, City Utilities designed and constructed James River Power Station to generate and supply power to the growing Springfield community. The facility eventually housed five power generation units and was in operation from 1957 until 2018. Now, after years of service to the community, most of the facility is officially being retired.

The decision to retire the power station was based on escalating costs for compliance upgrades, aging infrastructure, and the availability of reliable renewable resources. With the five power generation units fully decommissioned, the next step will be to dismantle or demolish parts of the plant. This work will include exterior components, the lakeside water intake structures, and the removal of the four stacks.

We want you to know that the demolition process will be handled under strict safety and environmental compliance rules, and there will probably be times when work will be louder than others. We expect the work to occur during business hours, but crews may occasionally need to adjust schedules.

The process will begin in mid-September and is expected to conclude by the end of January 2022. Usable areas of the facility, such as the building office space, electrical substation equipment, and two natural gas combustion turbines will remain.

We will be documenting the work with frequent posts on our social media sites, updates to local media, and more in-depth information on our website at

If you have any questions during the demolition, please email our offices through the “Contact Us” link on our website


Gary Gibson

Gary Gibson
President – CEO
City Utilities of Springfield, Missouri